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A man, who came from the future.
In commemoration of Victor Glushkov

On August, 24th 1923 - 90 years ago - Victor Glushkov was born, an outstanding scientist and public figure widely known in this country and abroad, the founder of the Institute of Cybernetics of the National Academy of Sciences, an active participant of the global process for development of new fields of science of 20th and 21st centuries -computer science, cybernetics and informatics.

His contribution to these fields of science was shortly characterized by the academician Boris Paton, the President of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences: "As a thinker Victor Glushkov was remarkable for his broad and deep scientific vision. With his scientific works he was ahead of his time, being the founder of information technologies in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union and also in the world on the whole.

Victor Glushkov was a man of extensive and versatile knowledge, and everybody who was in contact with him was simply astounded by his great erudition. Constant searching for novelty, aspiration to the progress in science, technology and society were his distinctive features.

Victor Glushkov, being a true devotee of science, had a gigantic capacity for work and diligence. He generously shared his knowledge, ideas, experience with his associates.

As apresident of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine since 1962, Glushkov had made a great contribution to its development. He significantly influenced the progress of scientific research in natural sciences and technics. Great is his contribution to computerization and informatization of science, technology and society.

With confidence Victor Glushkov can be ranked among those statesmen who fully devoted themselves serving his native landand his people. He was well-known and respected throughout the whole former Soviet Union. He spared no efforts to promote achievements of science, scientific and technical progress, he was in touch with scholars of many foreign countries. His own works and the progress of the Institute of Cybernetics of the National Academy of Sciencesunder his leadership were widely known abroad where Mr. Glushkov enjoyed the deserved authority.

Being well aware of importance of the defence capability of his country, Victor Glushkov together with the institute under his leadership accomplished a great number of works for the defense sector. Hewasreally worrying about his native country, and devoted his remarkable life to it and to the science."  More ...  ›››  

The following books are written and published to 90th anniversary of Victor Glushkov:

"Small stories about great scientists", edited by Boris Malinovsky. In Russian, languages. Kyiv, "Gorobets". 2013, 400 p., 140 photos.

 More (in russian) ...  ›››  

The Past Forwarded to the Future. About acad.Glushkov: his students, colleagues and contemporaries. Edited by T.P.Marianovich. Published by "Naukova Dumka", Kyiv, 2013.

Ivan V.Sergienko. Scientific ideas of V.M.Glushkov and development of actual directions in computer science. Published by "Naukova Dumka", Kyiv, 2013.

The conferences devoted to the 90-th anniversary of Viktor Glushkov birth:

Nineth distance scientific conference with international participation "Decision support systems. Theory and practice DSS 2013". June 3, 2013, Ukraine, Kyiv. The Institute of mathematic machines and systems problems NAS Ukraine and Academy of Tecnological Sciences of Ukraine.

Joint conference of National Technical Univercity of Ukraine "Kyiv's Polytecnical Institute" and Kyiv's National Univercity named after Taras Shevchenko

The International Scientific Conference "Modern Informatics: Problems, Achievements, and Prospects of Development", devoted to the 90th anniversary of academician V.M.Glushkov. The Conference will take place on September 12-13, 2013 in Kyiv.

International Scientific Conference "The Issues of Calculation Optimization (ISCOPT-Xl)". The conference will be held at Scientists Activity Center "Katsiveli" (urban-type settlement Katsiveli, the Great Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine), September, 30 - October, 4, 2013.

Video in russian:

From Videofilm: "Computer scientist Victor Glushkov" (in Russian). Film-maker: Vladymyr Khmelnytsky. Story by: Boris Malynovsky, Vladymyr Khmelnytsky Studio: "Golden Gate", Kyiv. Contents: Life and creative activity of the academician Victor Glushkov, who became world-famous due to his researches in the field of cybernetics and computer science.

From Malinovskiy B.N.: The series of author's television broadcasts: "Golden milestones in the history of computer science and technology" September 2000 - August 2001
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