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Pictures. Supplements In Ukrainian and Russian. Victor Glushkov's bibliography Some Ukrainian Computers and Systems. 1957-1980 Victor Glushkov about his life and scientific work Victor Glushkov - Founder of Information Technologies

Victor Glushkov. Life and scientific work
Pictures. Supplements

August 24, 2016 the 93th anniversary of the birth of Victor Glushkov

Victor Glushkov - Founder of Information Technologies in pictures

V.M.Glushkov. Difficult Task V.M.Glushkov. Difficult Task Boris Paton and Viktor Glushkov. Late 70-s Boris Paton and Viktor Glushkov. Late 70-s
B.E.Paton, A.P.Aleksandrov, V.M.Glushkov Exhibition Hall of the Institute of Cybernetics
V.Shcherbitsky, V.Glushkov V.M.Glushkov, Y.A.Mitropolsky, N.N.Bogolyubov
"Kiev" computer V.M.Glushkov, M.V.Keldysh
"Kiev" computer Victor Glushkov and Pavel Popovich
V.M.Glushkov in front of the control panel of "Promin" computer "Promin" computer at the exhibition in Moscow
The first semiconductor controlled computer, widely known as "Dnepr" Professor Sir Maurice Wilkes, Professor Malinovsky Boris, Professor Frank Land
Institute of Cybernetics At the 705 Console in Poughkeepsie
Victor Glushkov, Yulia Kapitonova, Vitaliy Derkach V.M.Glushkov and S.G.Gorshkov
V.M.Glushkov, E.L.Yushchenko Victor Glushkov and Pavel Popovich
V.M.Glushkov, E.L.Yushchenko V.M.Glushkov at the meeting with head designers of computer system for military enterprises
M.A.Lavrentiev and V.M.Glushkov V.M.Glushkov and A.A.Stogny
V.M.Glushkov, V.P,Derkach, A.A.Letichevskyi, Y.V.Kapitonova "PIRS" computer
Congress IFIP Congress in Edinbough
Seminar in Uzhgorod, 70-s Nikolay Amosov and Victor Glushkov
Solomon Pogrebinsky and Victor Glushkov, 70-s At the exhibition of at the Institute of Cybernetics
V.M.Glushkov and Y.A.Mitripolsky Viktor Michailovich Glushkov
Victor Glushkov V.M.Glushkov and his wife on the vocation in Bulgaria
India. V.M.Glushkov during the meeting with Rerikh Daughters of Viktor Glushkov
Victor Glushkov Titles of selected works of V.M.Glushkov in 3 books
"Dnepr" computer "MIR1" Computer
"DNEPR" computer. Sertificate "Dnepr" computer
"Dnepr" computer "Dnepr" computer at the system for engineering
British official delegation at the Institute of Cybernetics UPO-1 - the first mini-computer in Ukraine
Computer "MIR" Academicians Victor Glushkov and Vladimir Kotelnikov
Academician Viktor Glushkov Exhibition Hall of the Institute of Cybernetics of the AS Ukr.SSR
"MIR2" Computer "MIR3" Computer
"Kiev 67" Computer "Kiev 70" Computer
"M-180" mini-computer "MIR2" Computer
Multilevel system BARS The "CO-01" - "CO-04" debugging systems
Computer "SOU-1" The onboards computer "Moscow"
The onboard specialized computer "Neptun" A unique multichannel digital measuring complexes
Computer "Delta" Computer "Neva"
The data transmission device "SPIN-6" and "MIR2" Computer Seminar at the Institute of Cybernetics. Reports to A.Luchuk
Monument on Victor Glushkov's grave The medal "Pioneer of computer engineering"
Cybernetic center Ivan Sergienko
Yuryi Krivonos Tadeush Maryanovich
Aleksandr Palagin Filip Andon
Anatolyi Morozov Vladimir Gritsenko
Vsevolod Kuntsevich Mikhail Zgurovsky


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