The International Symposium
"Computers in Europe. Past, Present and Future", Kyiv, October 5-9, 1998

Wilkes Mauris Early Digital Computer Developments in England

Kapitonova U., Sergienko I. V.Glushkov - Pioneer of the Mathematics Theory of Computer Systems, Founder of the Institute of Cybernetics of the NAS of Ukraine (Windows-1251)

Richards B. The Manchester Mark 1: The Turing-Richards Era

Malinovsky B. Computer Pioneers of CIS Countries

Sendov Bl., Rozov N. J.V.Atanasoff-Creator of the First Electronic Computer in the World (Windows-1251)

Aris John. Inventing Systems Engineering

Filinov ┼., Prohorov N. I.Brook and His School (Windows-1251)

Kudrjavtsev I., Lapiy L., Plotnikov V. The first Naval Radioelectronic Systems with Built - in Computers of ôKaratö Family (Windows-1251)

Smirnov └. The Principles Underlying the Design and Construction of the High-reliable First Generation (ôVostokö) Computers (Windows-1251)

Michajlov G. When Computers were Big (Russian)

Brusentsov N., Djogolev E., Maslov S., Alvares H. The Experience of the Design of the Trinary Computers (Russian)

Brusentsov N., Djogolev E., Maslov S., Alvares H. Development of ternary computers at Moscow State University (English, pdf format)

Brusentsov N., Djogolev E., Maslov S., Alvares H. Development of ternary computers at Moscow State University (English, rtf format)

Ljubimskiy E., Pottosin I., Shura-Bura M. From Programming Programs to the Programming Systems (Russian experience) (Windows-1251)

Perevozchikova ╬., Ujchenko E. Programming Languages and Programming Tools. Past and Prospects (Windows-1251)

Podlovchenko R. └.Ljapunov and Establishment of Programming Theory in Russia (Windows-1251)

Kapitonova U., Letichevskiy └. Development of the Mathematical Information Field in Computers (Windows-1251)

Pottosin I. A.Ershov and Establishment of the Novosibirsk Programming School (Windows-1251)

Land Frank The First Business Computer a Case Study in User-Driven Innovation

Janouch Frantishek Breaking Information Barriers (Personal Computers and the East-European Dissent [1984-1990])

Malinovsky B., Skurihin V., Spinu G. Digital System and Program Control of Machine Tools and Industrial Robots. Ukrainian Experience (Windows-1251)

Kondalev A., Romanov V., Bagatskiy V., Klochan P. Contribution of Ukraine to the Development of System Converters (Windows-1251)

Derkach V., Moralev S. The Sources and Development of Microelectronics in Ukraine (Windows-1251)

Trogemann Georg, Nitussov Alexander, Ernst Wolfgang The joint project ARIFMOMETR an archaeology of computing in the USSR

Bekmuratov Ď. Investigations in the Field of Computer Science and Technology in Uzbekistan. The history and the prospects (Windows-1251)

Rabinovich Z. Intellectualization of Computer. Past and Future (Windows-1251)

Koval V. Intelligent Solving Machines: Principles of Construction and Perspectives ┼Đ

Bigdan V., Gusev V., Marjanovich Ď., Sahnjuk ╠. Development of Simulation in Ukraine (Windows-1251)

Tomilin └. Modeling Application for Analysis and Development in Computer System (Windows-1251)

Bojun V. Control Computers in the Real-time Systems in Ukraine (State of Art, Problems and Prospects) (Windows-1251)

Guzinski G., Kanevski J., Pawlowski P., Maslennikov O. Current-Mode Binary and Ternary Elements

Sekrieru G. The Strategy of Computer and Information Technology for Science in Moldova (Windows-1251)

Gaidrik ╩. Decision Support Systems: Evolution and Prospects (Windows-1251)

Mizin I., Filinov E. Conception of New Generation Computer Systems (Windows-1251)

Polischuk V. The Prospects of Internet Development in Ukraine (Windows-1251)

Avgerou Chrisanthi Institutional and Cognitive Features of the Academic Field of Information Systems in Europe

Samet P. The Evolution of Computer Science Teaching and Research the UK

Ivannikov V., Korolev L., Ljubimsky E., Tomilin A. Achievements of the Moskow School of Operational Systems for Computers (Windows-1251)

Zolotopup A., Khodakovskiy M. Superdensity Information Record Based on Molecular Carriers for Prospective of Computers (Windows-1251)

Marahovskiy L. The Evolution of Conception for Parallel Computer Systems Creation (Windows-1251)

Lipaev V. The Problems and History of Real-Time Programs Development (1958-1988) (Windows-1251)

Coopey Richard. Technology Gaps and National Champions: The Computer Industry and Government Policy in Post-War Britain

Burtsev V. The Prospects of the Development of High-performance Computer Technology (Windows-1251)

Rjabov G. S.Lebedevĺs Scientific School and Key Problems of Development of Computer Technology in the New Economic Conditions (Windows-1251)

Matov └. The Problems of Computerization in Ukraine (Windows-1251)

Smirnov └., Krivoruchenko V., Shariy K. Home-made Computers in High-performance Computer System for Aerodynamic Investigations (Windows-1251)

Wilson John F. Scientists, Engineers and Market Forces: A Study of Ferranti and Computers, 1949-1993

Bruhovich ┼. The Future of Computer Technology According to the Nature Laws and Scientific Forecasts (Windows-1251)

Gamajun V. Multioperand Processing Conception (Windows-1251)

Gamajun V. Data Processing for Digit-logarithm Representation (Windows-1251)

Fesenko N. From Computer Miniatures to Monumental Computer Graphics (Windows-1251)

Jabin V. Indirect Functional Control of Computer Systems (Windows-1251)

Ujrchishin V., Sheketa V. The Problems of Installation of Expert Systems in Oil Industry (Windows-1251)

Sosnitckiy V. Computer Processing of Biomagnetic Signals in Medical Diagnostic (Windows-1251)

Deev S. Modeling of Complex Surface Forming in the Superplastic Regime (Windows-1251)

Vlasjuk └. Computer and Mathematics Modeling of Physical-chemical Processes for Underground Hydro-mechanics (Windows-1251)

Gondjul V. Using New Information Technologies in the Process of Students Training in the Institute of International Relations (Windows-1251)

Molchanov I.N. The Investigation and Solution of Scientific and Technical Problems

Kasatkin V., Verlan └., Raspopov V. Academies of Sciences for Gifted Children (Small Academies) as an Effective Tool for Recreation of Ukrainian intellectual Power in XXI Century (Windows-1251)

Galdak M., Khomik └. Creation of Information Culture for the Teacher (Windows-1251)

Khomik └. Informatization of the Educational Process at the Faculties of Humanities in Pedagogical High Schools (Windows-1251)

Maksimenko U., Khomik L. Application of New Information Technologies in Psycho-diagnostiks of Derangement Children (Windows-1251)

Bigdan V., Malashok T., Malinovsky L., Pochekailov V.. The Experience and Methodology of Scientific Data Exchange System Creation (Windows-1251)

Palagin └., Osynsky V., Merdjvinsky A., A.Osynsky, Zolotopup A., Khodakovskiy M. From Heterolaser to Quantum Computer (Windows-1251)

Camofalov K., Simonenko V. Methods and Means for Solution Problem of Distributed Parallel Data Processing

Kanevsky J., Sergienko A. Local Calculations - State of Art and Prospects (Windows-1251)

Nagorniy L., Jukov I. Multilevel Algorithms and Structures for Paralleling of Multi-dimensional Differential Equations (Windows-1251)

Jaschenko V. Neuron Growing Nets - New Technology for Information Processing (Windows-1251)