The International Symposium
"Computers in Europe. Past, Present and Future", Kyiv, October 5-9, 1998

Wilkes Mauris Early Digital Computer Developments in England

Kapitonova U., Sergienko I. V.Glushkov - Pioneer of the Mathematics Theory of Computer Systems, Founder of the Institute of Cybernetics of the NAS of Ukraine (Windows-1251)

Sendov Bl., Rozov N. J.V.Atanasoff-Creator of the First Electronic Computer in the World (Windows-1251)

Apokin I. The Nature of Innovation Process at the Stage of Creation of the First Computers (Windows-1251)

Richards B. The Manchester Mark I: The Turing-Richards Era

P.-E. Mounier-Kuhn History of Computing in France: A Brief Sketch

Sin'kov M., Sin'kova T., Fedorenko A., Chapor A. Non-Traditional System of Remainder Classes and it's Initiator I.Akushsky

Malinovsky B. More of the History of Digital Computing Development Technique in Ukraine

Rjabov G. Problems of Computer and Information Technologies on the Transitional Economic Period (Windows-1251)

Matov A. The Problems of Computerization in Ukraine (Windows-1251)

By Maurice V. Wilkes Cmos Workstations and Servers-How Far Can Evolution and Innovation Take Us?

Bezrukov N. SoftPanorama - the Pioneer of Open Source Software in Ukraine (Windows-1251)

Morozov A. Situational Control as a Basis for Control Big Dimensionality Systems(Windows-1251)

Bigdan V., Malashok T., Malinovsky L., Pochekaylov V. Interaction of Distributed Systems for Scientific and Technical Information Storage(Windows-1251)

Dolgopolov I. Intellectual Technologies of Automated Systems for Clinical Diagnostics in Designing(Windows-1251)

Bojun V. Informational Estimation of Digital Presentation of Signals in Real Time Systems (Windows-1251)

Shalomygin M.V.. The Computer Technology of Expert Rules Constraction for the Technical Objects Diagnosis Systems