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This page contains the information about International Symposium
"Computers in Europe. Past, Present and Future", October 5-9, Kyiv, 1998

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International symposium on the contribution
of Europeans to the evolution
and the achievements of computer technology

Dedicated to:
Computer Pioneers of European countries,
80 anniversary of National Academy of Science of Ukraine,
75 anniversary of Academician V.Glushkov birth,
50 years of computer science and technology in Ukraine

October 5-9, 1998

Final Program of Symposium

The 6th of October
Plenary session 10.00 - 13.00
Great conference hall

Honorary chairman - President NAS Ukraine B.Paton

Chairmen: I.Sergienko, B.Malinovsky.

B.Paton. Opening of Symposium

B.Malinovsky. Chairman of International Program Committee. Information about Symposium Program.

R.Reeve. UK Ambasador. Greetings to Participants

L.Guberskiy. Rector of the Institute of International Relations. Greetings to Participants.

U.Kapitonova, I.Sergienko. V.Glushkov - Pioneer of the Mathematics Theory of Computer Systems, Founder of the Institute of Cybernetics of the NAS of Ukraine.

M.Wilkes. Early Digital Computer Developments in England.

B.Richards. The manchester mark i: the turing-richards era.

B.Malinovsky. .

The 6th of October
14.00 - 18.00 Section 1.
The hall of the Scientific Counsil

Chairmen: B.Malinovsky, .Filinov, .Smirnov.

Bl.Sendov, N.Rozov. J.V. Atanasoff-creator of the first in the world electronic computer.

N.Prohorov, .Filinov. I.Brook and His School.

I.Kudrjavtsev, L.Lapiy, V.Plotnikov. The first Naval Radioelectronic Systems with Built - in Computers of Karat Family.

.Smirnov. The Principles Underlying the Design and Construction of the High-reliable First Generation (Vostok) Computers.

G.Michajlov. When Computers were Big.

N.Brusentsov, E.Djogolev, S.Maslov, H.Alvares. The Experience of the Design of the Trinary Computers.

A.Kondalev, V.Romanov, V.Bagatskiy, P.Klochan. Contribution of Ukraine to the Development of System Converters.

V.Derkach, S.Moralev. The Sources and Development of Microelectronics in Ukraine.

14.00 - 18.00 Section 2.
Great conference hall

Chairmen: E.Ujchenko, U.Kapitonova, R.Podlovchenko.

F.Janouch. Breaking Information Barriers. Personal Computers and East-European Dissent. (1984-1990).

E.Ljubimskiy, I.Pottosin, M.Shura-Bura. From Programming Programs to the Programming Systems (Russian experience).

F.Land. The first business computer a case study in user-driven innovation.

J.Aris. Inventing Systems Engineering.

J.F.Wilson. Scientists Engineers and Market Forces: a Study of Ferranti and Computers, 1949-1993.

.Perevozchikova, E.Ujchenko. Programming Languages and Programming Tools. Past and Prospects.

R.Podlovchenko. .Ljapunov and Establishment of Programming Theory in Russia.

I.Pottosin. A.Ershov and Establishment of the Novosibirsk Programming School.

.Letichevskiy, U.Kapitonova. Development of the Mathematical Information Field in Computers.

V.Lipaev. The problems and history of real-time programs development (1958-1988)

G.Trogemann, W.Ernst, A.Nitussov. The joint project "Arifmometr".

The 7th of October

The papers provided for Working 7th of Oktober Sections on the are umted into two round tables. All participants and those who wish to take part in discussion are wellcomed. The beginning at 10.00 - 13.00.

Round table 1
The hall of the Scientific Counsil

1)The history of computers in Europe (10.00 - 11.00).

2)The evolution of the computer industry in Europe and its future (11.00 - 12.00)

3)The impact of globalization on the future of computing in Europe (12.00-13.00).

Principal participants:

1)B.Malinovsky, M.Wilkes, B.Richards, H.Zemanek, N.Rozov, .Filinov, ., S.Zabara, .Smirnov.

2)V.Burtsev, A.Palagin, Z.Rabinovich, .Bruhovich, .Samophalov, A.Hodakovsky, V.Ivannikov, A.Tomilin, U.Kapitonova, I.Molchanov.

3)F.Land, A.Matov, G.Rjabov, V.Polischuk, L.Malinovsky, A.Zarenin, C.Avgerou.

All participants of Symposium with papers on computer history, computing and development of information technology are wellcomed..

Round table 2
Cathedra of international information

Information technologies in education. (10.00 13.00)

Partinpants: V.Gondjul, P.Samet, L.Lapiy, N.Kudrjavtsev, .Samophalov, A.Verlan, A.Homik.

All participants of Symposium with papers on information technologies in education and those who wish to take part in discussion are wellcomed.

The 8th  October

Plenary session 10.00 - 13.00.
Great conference hall

Chairmen: B.Malinovsky, A.Palagin.

V.Burtsev. The Prospects of the Development of High-performance Computer Technology

I.Mizin, E.Filinov. Conception of New Generation Computer Systems.

V.Polischuk. The Prospects of Internet Development in Ukraine.

C.Avgerou. Institutional and cognitive features of the academic field of Information Systems in Europe.

R.Coopey. Technology Gaps and National Champions: The Computer Industry and Government Policy in Post-War Britain".

The 8th  October
Plenary session 14.00 - 17.00.
Great conference hall

.Matov. The Problems of Computerization in Ukraine.

G.Rjabov. Key Problems of Development of Computer Technology in the New Economic Conditions.

P.Samet. The Development of Computer Science Teaching in the UK.

V.Ivannikov, L.Korolev, E.Ljubimsky, A.Tomilin. Achievements of the Moskow School of Operational Systems for Computers.

Reward Ceremony for Distinguished Computer Pioneers

Symposium closure

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