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Translated from the Russian by George St.George
© George St.George, 1966


There are days in every man's life which stand out in his memory, which time cannot erase. There are many days, happy days, sad, even tragic, but time usually buries them all under the heaps of other days, and they cease to be remembered.

One of those unforgettable days occurred some years ago, and that was the day on which I started my diary. Or rather I wrote my first entry on the morning that followed it, and then abandoned the book for a long time.

Then there was another day, about two years later, I don't know exactly because I did not date either entry, and then I wrote again, and then I stopped again.

So there are just two entries in my diary, if one can call it a diary, and I like to call them The First day and The Second day, because I know that no matter how long I live these two days will live with me till the day I die.