6.12.1913  -  12.12.2002

Books of N.M.Amosov

Diary. Saturday. Lunchtime

I went to the hospital and found the patient in the same condition as on Friday: weak dlimpses of conscience, no assisted respiration, blood circulation and urine in order. Belly somewhat enlarged, peristalsis weak. In general, a serious case, but there was hope. I told his wife this right away. She was a small frail woman but well composed. I remem­bered her from Thursday night.

"Doctor, why has the valve torn away?" she asked me in the vestibule.

I wish I knew, I had invented stitches with polyethylene tubes that improved the grip on tissues some fifteen years before. A very reliable technique. One or two stitches might give way on rare occasions; but I simply couldn't understand why the valve was almost half torn away, without any infection, and for the second time, by the way. This time I used not only tubes under the stitches but also teflon felt patches: it would be impossible to tear the valve away on purpose now. If he survived, of course...