6.12.1913  -  12.12.2002
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My life was devoted to surgery. But not only to it: there has been an engineering diploma, cybernetics, investigations and models of constitution, intellect, psychology and society. There have been pupils, their dissertations, written articles and books.

I always wanted to understand: What is the complexity of the world? What is truth? How functions the intellect of an animal, of a human being, of a society? And at last, what is the future of humanity? Is there "an arrow of progress" in evolution?

I am 88 years old, writing of a pure interest, without expecting acknowledgement. Therefore, there will not be here any references or polemics. I aware, that all has been known already. I would not overestimate "substantiation" of my philosophy; it is very likely a bit amateurish. I would like to form for myself a true notion of the world, at least in a general way. At the same time - to clear up whether an idea of happiness is a realistic one for a man and humanity. And how to achieve it?