6.12.1913  -  12.12.2002
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The World Happens to be Material and Structured

It means - systems: elements, relations and energy. They can be measured and modeled.

In this respect, some words about "miracles" which can not be explained from the physical point of view. I have never observed them personally, but it has been written such a lot of stuff on the subject, that I fear to state: "It might never happen". My deceased friend, physicist and academician Vadim Lashkaryov used to say: "Another physics exists. Sometimes it closes with our usual one and then miracles occur". I don't feel like to comment, but I am sure, they are of very little value for our material life. Though, let's remember: electromagnetic waves have existed all the time but they never influenced people before they were discovered. Now it is impossible to imagine our society without radio and television and nuclear bombs threatening the mankind. Therefore, the problem of extra-sensor phenomena remains open. Let's wait a little.