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Civilization Maturing

Objective regularity of changes of the state and ideologies of countries and the whole mankind (towards rationality!) can be symbolically defined as "the civilization maturing".

It is the self-organizing processes, which is characterized by the dynamics of interrelated indicators.

Progress of technologies increases productivity of labour, promotes economic growth, development of education and consistently leads to the transformation of the "basic" need: from fear and hunger to property, faith in the God and to self-affirmation, freedom, equality, intellectual curiosity, altruism. Step by step, all social classes in all countries are getting involved in these processes because of the expansion of the leader-states and a specific "fashion" to act like the leaders do.

Simultaneously, the side-effects of the Scientific and Technical Progress increase, such as: population growth, pollution of the environment, decline of the nature, as well as accumulation of weapons of mass destruction.

Below is the brief enumeration of indicators of maturing, increased according to the parameters:

1. Property: individual, corporate, transnational corporations, etc.

2. Priorities of the economy: agriculture (technique), information (services).

3. Power: authoritative, democratic, traditional (socially-oriented).

4. Technology: (power engineering is taken as a model); force of animals; water and wind; steam, electricity, atom.

5. Spreading of education: intelligentsia, rich people, middle class and all people, correspondingly: elementary education, secondary and higher.

6. Information: books, newspapers, radio, television, global networks, Internet.

7. Morals: from group,- class,-ideological morals to human morals.

8. Labour: manual, mechanized and intellectual.

4. Culture: national, books, mass (industrial, cinema, television) and planetary (electronic).

5. Demography: decreasing of death rate, growth of population, birth control, termination of population growth.

6. Ecology: from the local level to the state one and then to the global level.

The mature society like, for example, Western Europe is characterized by the following indicators: real income per person is U.S. dollar 15-25 th.; population growth is decreased up to 2-3%. Market, state property - 20-40%; Inequality between 10%-of the richest and 10 % of the poorest is 1:7. Morals - humanistic (compromise of personal and collective interests). Power: developed multi-party democracy with observation of civil rights. Social expenditures: pensions, healthcare, etc. comprise one half of the budget. Education: 16-18 years. Health: low mortality rate. Life duration : more than 70 years.

Industry is provided with high technologies. Environment is good preserved. Dream-countries!

The UN-experts have undertaken an attempt to determine the civilization as the "quality of life of the people". As the only objective indicator "The Human Development Index" (HDI) was offered, combining four indicators:

1. Real income per person (in thousand dollars, considering the purchasing power of the dollar in the country).

2. The supposed life duration.

3. Literacy of adult population.

4. Estimation of the environmental state.

HDI reflects sufficiently "the maturing degree" of the society. UN issues every year the statistics book comprising 174 countries. They are traditionally split into three groups: "developed", "developing" and "weak-developed"(or simply poor!). Before collapse of the Soviet Union, the socialist countries formed a separate group. Now they are all happened to be under "developing countries".

Below are the basic indicators for the a.m. three groups of countries as of 1999:

There are 45 developed countries. Their population comprises 28% of the whole mankind.

Income per person amounts to $ U.S. 22000. Life duration amounts to 77 years. There is general literacy. The environment is estimated in 79 symbolic points.

There are 94 developing countries forming the second group. The population comprises 63% of the whole humanity. Income per person amounts to $ U.S. 3300. Life duration - 67 years. Literate people - 76 %. The environment is estimated in 64 symbolic points.

The third group is formed by 35 poor countries. Their population comprises 9% of the whole mankind. The countries indicators are the worst: Income per person -$ U.S 1000. Life duration -50 years. Literate people - 48%. The environment - 30 points.

Indicators as to Russia are the following: Income per person - $ U.S 4400.

Life duration is 67 years but all people are literate (precisely - 99%). The environment is estimated in 77 symbolic points. 71st place by HDI scale.

For Ukraine there are the same indicators, only the income per person is less and amounts to $ U.S 2200. Ukraine is placed on 91st position by HDI scale.

It is important to analyze the maturing process.


average income growth for the period of 30 years: First group - 2,3%; Second group 3,5%; Third group - 1,4%.

Population growth: First group - 0,5%; second group- 1,7%; third group - 3%.

Education growth is regular: one year of learning is added every 5 years. In poor countries it resulted in 50% literacy; in developing - 10-year school education is compulsory; in developed countries: one half of young people study at colleges and universities. Evolution of power goes from dictatorship to democracy, which is often turned out to be only formal.

In is difficult to advise a poor country how to speed up the maturing. Every country has its own hardships. Firstly: strong power is needed. Broad democracy and civil rights but without culture, which used to unite ideas and traditions do not allow to solve contradictions between branched of power, parties, trade-unions and groups. When this shall be the case, the country is supposed to be involved in discords and strikes; there will be no foreign investments and even the country's own capital will be transferred abroad.

Secondly: expenses for social sphere shall correspond to the level of economic development.

For the third time: initial fast growth of economy is impossible without exploitation. In other words: to achieve the wealth people has to go through poverty.

But in this way or another, quick or slow but the maturing shall occur in every country by all parameters.