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Briefly about the chapter

This section  contains books and publications of  Nikolai Amosov on artificial intelligence, simulation  of human nature, issues of  heuristic simulation,   sociology, etc.

Vital signs control of and cybernetics. “Naukova dumka”, Kiev, 1964

Thinking and  psyche simulation . “Naukova dumka”, Kiev, 1965

Complex systems simulation. “Naukova dumka”, Kiev, 1968

Method of social systems simulation, “Issues of heuristic simulation”  Digest, Institute of cybernetics of AS USSR, Kiev, 1969

Artificial intelligence. “Naukova dumka”, Kiev, 1969

Intelligence algorithms.  “Naukova dumka”, Kiev, 1979

Human nature.  “Naukova dumka”, Kiev, 1983

Intelligence, human being, society, future. ‘Baida”, Kiev, 1994