6.12.1913  -  12.12.2002
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Briefly about the chapter

In "The Books" section there are presented works written by Nikolay Amosov: memoirs on the Second World War, autobiographical articles, diaries related to his work as a surgeon, science fiction novel "Notes from the Future".

In "Nature of a Man" section there are presented books and publications of Nikolay Amosov on issues of artificial intelligence, modelling of the nature of a man, issues of heuristic modelling, sociology, etc.

In "About Nikolay Amosov" section: articles devoted to Amosov in various publications.

In Selected Correspondence of "Nikolay Amosov" there are presented letters received by Nikolay Amosov.

In "Up-to-Dateness" section there are publications which comprise references to Amosov.